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CrimeHotZone is a system developed for UJ Protection Services. Students panic in security concerning situations, we are here to change that, by building a better environment which increases the availability of security and security services. Students will be able to request services and can get an immediate response. Protection Services will also benefit because they can easily see what services students need on all four campuses and make the sufficient provisions.

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Authentic Degree

Bursary Portal aims to ease the burden for high school leavers by allowing them to register on our system where they will be exposed to suitable sponsors who are also registered on our system by just creating a profile that will include necessary documents for Sponsor to be able to filter according to their companies requirements.

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Attention beautiful people. Style Me is a platform that digitizes the whole hair salon experience.No more queuing non-stop and always missing a spot with your favorite stylist. Pick a look and book an appointment with your favorite stylist all from the comfort of your couch.Get the perfect style at the perfect time, let Style Me, style you.

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Our System is called Stuurboi. The name Stuurboi is a township name meaning “delivery Boy”, so in essence we deal with delivery. During our research we have found that people tend to struggle with moving stuff, especially when relocating, although there are transport services to aid their moving process This is where Stuurboi comes in. We connect the two parties by providing a platform where one can request for delivery and the next party comes to the rescue.

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Kreative Trail

Eezy Kutz is a salon/barber management system but above that it's a full solution for pioneers in the hair industry. Boasting features such as the hairstyle "filter" implemented using the facial tracking algorithm so the customer can try out a hairstyle beforehand. Another feature is our "mini-instagram" where customers can post pictures with their new hairstyles and tag salons and stylists. We also offer nearest salon location services and more. We fulfill hair and business needs 'Eazily'.

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We help programmers find great companies to work at and help companies find great programmers. We test programmers on their actual coding ability, generating a statistical report on their strengths & weaknesses. This report helps companies quickly assess candidates on objective metrics rather than subjective resumes. Companies can contact, interview and extend offer letters to programmers all through our online platform.

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Delta Code

The Hock-A System. (Hockey assistant) Is built to help coaches to organise their teams and rate the player performance. This allows the coach to understand what needs to be worked on by the players and the team as a whole. We aim to establish a hockey community of sharing drills and tracking performance for comparison between teams and player.

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The Eden learning support system is designed to help teachers in the class by screening students with potential learning disabilities as well as providing them with strategies on how to support these students. Eden speeds up the diagnostic process for psychologists by providing them with information gathered by the classroom screeners and directing communication channels. The system provides tailored statistics to manage the learning support provided to the students with learning disabilities.

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Extra Cheese Pizza

Gardern Shapers delievers top quality garden servives at affordable prices.The service is delivered by our in-house profesional landscapers, whom are deployed upon a booking confirmation by the administration to the client. The services span across a variety of packages namely: Silver package, entails a standard service with garden maintenance,The Gold package, entails garden trimming,flower planting and Grass fertilizing.The Diamond package which entails a more avant-garde luxurious service .

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Optimize Prime

PIQ is an innovative system that is built for large and growing companies. PIQ allows employees to keep their experience profiles updated. It saves the company time by generating an employee match list for projects, and assists in the placement of employees on those projects. PIQ tracks the skills currently in demand for projects. Additionally, the system gives insight into the company's project success rate by tracking overdue projects as well as employees with a tendency to miss deadlines.

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Logic ++

Ever year an average of 60% of motor vehicle collisions on South African roads are caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol. Drvme aims to reduce these figures by providing an alternative to those who find themselves in the predicament of having to risk driving home intoxicated. We achieve this by providing you with a driver at your request. Also adding some peace of mind knowing you will get home safely in the comfort of your own car. Our app locates the nearest available driver and notifies him to come to your aid.

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Digital Q is a system that allows a patient who wants to visit Helen Joseph hospital to be able to queue online in their comfort zone.A patient receives a priority in the queue based on location,disability,type of illness and age. A patient can visit any department, each department has an estimated waiting time that is displayed to the patient before they can decide to join the queue, an estimated arrival time,waiting time and calling number is displayed to the user after joining the queue.

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Cleaner's Clan is a system that offers offers cleaning services, a user request for house cleaning.A client must register first before they request a cleaner, personal and contact must be provided by the client while registering
and lastly they must have a unique password for log in anytime when they want to use Cleaner's Clan services

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Monday is a High School Marks Management System that was developed to help three major users, teachers, parents and students, to track academic performance of students, and also for the Academic Deputy as an Administrator to manage day to day running of the school.

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Black Chip

Our project is one that aims to help the most vulnerable and important members of our society, the children. It aims to help alleviate some of the disadvantages that young children find themselves in, whilst building their futures. They often come from disadvantaged homes and come to school hungry. Our system aids by uniting donors, dieticians, schools and most importantly the students. Our system aims to provide nutritional and delicious meals that boost student's health and performance.

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Thee Association

JARS - Joint Agricultural Reporting System - provides an electronic platform to perpetually monitor food quality in a storage facility. The device detects changes in temperature, light and humidity. A variety of eye-catching visuals facilitate an increase in efficiency and managing longevity of produce, ensuring maximum quality.

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Cyber Enthusiasts

Fitness Buddy beyond human presence. Gone are the days where you pay a fortune for a person trainer! Fitness Buddy is a portable and advanced way to tackle your beginner needs and advanced needs at the gym. With tutorials and ways to customize your workouts, one can never be bored with Fitness Buddy. #NoMoreExcuses

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Security tracking system where someone gets monitored by a friend while heading back to their destination of choice. This all happens were a user get can get friend they trust to add them as their friend on the mobile application and the friend can monitor the user. User can send a lookout request to a friend and the friend can either accept or reject loookout request but if friend accepts lookout request, the friend can monitor user while heading back to destination

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Best dynamic solutions(BDS)

Universal Uniform is a website designed for parents, shops and schools to ease the burden of buying and selling school uniform, especially during peak seasons. Schools provide their information as well as the uniform requirements of the school. Shops then offer products that match the uniform specified by the schools. Parents can check what uniform is required for the schools that their children go to on the site and purchase them from relevant shops registered on the system.

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Smart Classifieds is a new take on online classifieds sites with a focus on distrust in current systems. Most of today's classifieds sites only facilitate the posting of adverts, where others can view said adverts. As far as website interaction goes, it stops at this point and communication and payment occurs off-site. This scenario is susceptible to fraud. Smart Classifieds goes further and implements the payment process and enforces trust by locking up funds and tracking uncommitted users.

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XtrasLounge aims to solve a real world problem for agencies who manage extras (actors) for tv shows; the project looks specifically at talent scouting agencies in the media industry. An agent can communicate new jobs with relevant specifications on the system and anyone who is registered as an artist/extra and is interested, can accept these jobs then go for shoots.

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Intuitive Geeks

We aim to totally eradicate match fixing, age cheating and data maladministration in our local football fraternity and ensure that every player gets a chance to participate in local football tournaments and friendly games so they can grow their talent, and get more exposure .

Our system brings football fans, players, managers, match officials(Referees) as well as games administrators together.

We envision a day when all people have the opportunity to fulfill their passion for football.

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Ascension Tecq

Our project is an online based art gallery and auction house. Our focus was on coming up with a solution for industry as opposed to an individual.
We developed a solution for artists who struggle with the high fees of exhibiting their art work in a traditional gallery space whilst creating convenience for art buyers to bid on artwork at the convenience of a button.
Come on take a journey through Ascencion Studios, HOME OF ORIGINAL LOCAL ART

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Code of Duty

Are you an upcoming artist looking to collaborate and take your music skills to the next level? Do you love writing lyrics but wish you had a vocalist to sing them? Introducing UsicBeat. An integrated system that allows artists, producers, vocalists and lyricists to come together online to create music. You can create or joining existing collaborations and keep track of your progress. this system is designed to enable efficient song version control, think of it as the Github for musicians.

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The Jo'burg Taxi Locator aims to provide taxi commuters and other people involved in the taxi industry with a platform to provide information regarding the respective industry, such as taxi fare increase, planned or ongoing strikes and situations like constructions or relocations of the taxi ranks and/or taxi spots.

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Stack Underflow

In general, queue management is a topic of discussion in lengthy 12th floor business meetings. Enter Lineup, a queue management application made for all users. Lineup will find you a nearby user willing queue on your behalf - for a fee of course. Lineup will then track the user through the queue and notify you of their progress. For those more curious, a variety of queue statistics can be obtained for any queue. These include queue speed, ETA and indications for busy days and times.

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We would like to propose a mobile auto mechanic system, called Mechanify. If you want to fix your vehicle, you can easily request mechanic through our app, by just a click of a button, and a brief description of the problem , the mechanic will be able to locate and come to where the request is made. The person doesn't even have to pay the bill immediately, the bill can be paid at a later stage

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Construct-IT House construction Company strives towards building quality and affordable houses by providing a fair working relationship with our new house owners, and salespeople in an environment where families can experience the satisfaction of designing their own house.

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The acting industry is rapidly growing and performer's are exploring their talent, film and television programs are being produced therefore there's a need for more performers. It's more common for production companies to cast experienced performers as way of making a production to be successful. There's a need for new talent there's no platform that can help performers get the exposure they need. The website acts a middle man for agencies and performers to interact.

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The Water Us system deals with the distribution of water during a water crisis. Residents receive a unique QR Code that they use to collect their water rations at collection stalls. The Water Us System also offers a buddy transport system that will allow residents to offer lifts to other residents, these people will be compensated by receiving reward points which they can redeem at various stalls. Reward points are also given to those who Volunteer for community events that is on our website.

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