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EMA is our love letter to PAs, ensuring you are updated with the goings-on in your company, making doubly sure you don't miss meetings and even providing proof you tapped your way in. EMApp lets you keep track of meetings, notices and updates you receive and allows the scheduling of these. EMA Online is dedicated to managers and CEOs, providing the reports you need to ensure your employees are working hard. EMA tracks everything, from available leave days, to your clocking in and out. EMA is made for your business, and people are our business

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First Odd Number

We have designed a system that caters to the unique needs of a health and skincare college. Our student information portal and booking system provides all the information a student needs in their day to day school life, while giving the college staff the tools to provide these resources. We've also integrated a booking system into our portal so that clients can make online bookings for the student clinic. Together this provides a unique, complete solution for the college students and improves their learning experience.

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CheckedIn is an advancement in the social networking industry, our system gathers events which are happening within a 5 km radius of your current location bring them to your fingertips. You can easily interact with other people in the same event, allowing you to share ideas on a common topic through our interactive sharing section. The aim of the system is to eliminate the hustles that people go through when deciding on going out.

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Tertiary Explorer is tool to help school-leavers with applying to tertiary institutions, that is universities and colleges. It provides users with a simple and practical method of searching and comparing different courses from different institutions by conveniently calculating their APS score for each unique institution criteria. We also offer an interactive chat system for queries to assist students and even provide them with financing options to make the process more holistic.

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STAPLE (Student, Teacher And Parent Linked Environment) is the first of its kind system that combines all administrative procedures required by a school with a communicator. The biggest advantage of having such a system in place is that it allows for personalised communication between the school, teacher, student and parent. Our system features include receiving marks in real time, a personalised calendar for parents, an attendance system, real time notifications and effective reporting for parents, teachers and school administrator.

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FreelancerHub is an online platform that seeks to remotely connect freelancers and customers. The system will host a variety of designer freelancers and they will all benefit in finding jobs on the system. Most importantly the system is unique, as it provides an interactive communication channel between freelancers and customers.

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STRESS IS A KILLER, to your company's productivity and welfare of your employees. Stress decreases a person's job satisfaction and health leaving them unfocused and uncooperative. Worse than that is companies fail to track and identify that their business goals are negatively affected by unproductive employees. Named after our pit bull mascot, OREO aims to help companies track which departments are stressed leading them to make better calculated decisions for their company's working environment as well as their company's future.

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Our Project is a stock monitoring and notification system, whereby a user will be kept up to date with the latest prices and trends when it comes to all available stocks. The system will provide users with all the valuable information they need in order to buy and sell stocks, the buying and selling of stocks cannot be done on our system. Our system is directed at users who have more than a basic understanding of the stock market but not for more advanced users. If you are looking for a system aimed at the stock market, we that group.

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Nothing is more stressful than managing a lot of big projects at once, especially when your'e a small non-profit organization from a local township trying to empower the community . Devcomm is a project management solution that caters to the needs of such organizations. Providing a platform that enables the youth to partake in youth developments, events and educational activities is the main focus and we have created a solution that allows allocation of resources as well as team oriented interaction.

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The Sleepwalkers

U-Challenges is the ultimate online student development program. This website provides students the opportunity to develop themselves at a university orientated level, at their own pace and specific to what they would like to develop in themselves and study, all through video, image, document etc. type submissions. U-Challenges encourages interaction on multiple levels, with badge awards for special achievements, small skill orientated challenges each day and multiple larger challenges created by university faculty members or lecturers.

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Nimbus Assistant is our own take on a time management solution. Your interaction with your assistant is much like a diary or a calendar. It will be familiar to those who already organize their time, but with added extras, making it aware of what you need to do in your day. Whether it be planning your month ahead, or running the routines of each day, your assistant will always be with you ensuring you have enough time to travel, or to buy something on the way home - Less time planning. More time.

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Are you ready for farming season? Then Greener Pastures is the perfect farm-management system for you. We offer basic management activities such as employee, field and crop management. But the cherry on the top about this system and what makes it so special are the sensors which are placed on your fields. These measure soil moisture, water and temperature levels of the crops on each field. With simple weather forecasts combined with the sensor data, your farm is guaranteed to become a success.

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Virtually Prepared

Guest Geek is a Self Service Invitation, Guest and Event Management system focused on the complete RSVP life cycle satisfaction. This cycle consists of Setup and Creative, RSVP Management, Onsite, and Post Event.

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Our project is a carbon emissions calculator for freight and logistics companies. The project focuses on different types of trains. The primary feature is to calculate the emissions of a train from a single trip. It does this by allowing the user to start the trip on the mobile app, before he begins his trip and ending the trip, after reaching his destination. The data is then sent to the database. The web app uses this data, and the information regarding the train to calculate the emissions.This includes features such as tax calculation.

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Project Apollo is a fully digital, stand-alone solution to inventory management that caters for smaller to medium-sized businesses. Our solution features all the fundamental functionality required to perform inventory management tasks. In addition to this, Project Apollo utilises advanced statistical models to provide users with forecasts of stock levels, both for individual items and for a company's overall stock. By using Project Apollo, companies will be able to purchase and sell stock more intuitively and will be able to prevent situations

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are generally too complex and expensive to implement or even optimize for small businesses as they have a dynamic point of diminishing returns. Therefore it is desirable to make the ERP system as small as possible while accommodating as many needs as possible.Vikings Inventory Management System(VIMS) has the other ERP functions optimized to facilitate the management of inventory, since inventory is the core of any small business. Making it a small but useful ERP system.

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E-Parking: it is a parking management system. The system enables parking owners to manage their parking areas anywhere they are and the income that is generated. Reducing the cost of having to outsource companies that will manage their parking, Drivers will be able to view congestion percentage of a parking, and also manage their account. The aim is to eliminate the use of parking coupons and tickets, replacing vending machine payments that uses physical money, by using your smartphone's NFC to tag in and out the parking cashless.

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The Overclockers

One common flaw we have observed with the music industry is its lack of easy connectivity. When people want to collaborate, they must keep going through channels that lack clear communication, and it's often with people who are too far away. That is where our app, Eternal Vibes comes in. We allow people to find like-minded artists around them that share the same interest of constructing great music with a team. All of this can be done on the go, using our savvy mobile application.

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Artistic Code

It is easy to find an Uber, right? But how about the general public who uses the mini-bus taxis every day. Our system will help users to find places where they can find mini-bus taxi easy, check prices and hitchhiking signs for stopping a taxi. On the other hand, taxi associations (managers of the routes & taxi operations) will be able to update this information for users, get information about the operations of the taxis. Taxi owners will use the system for managing business information about taxi they have as well as the driver performance

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We think it is fair enough to have seen the disappointment of many of us having tertiary education being denied and have seen the best career choice slipping away before us as a result of falling too short from one either of the main subject, that's right Accounting, Mathematics or Physical Science. EkoLearn aims to resolve this popular frustration in South-Africa that many learners have had to experience by helping learners improve their academic performance, in a seamless fashion via ordering a tutor, online quiz and tutor live video streams.

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Creative Chunk

Farmers market is a food review system to be used by local gourmet chefs. Users can review restaurants and share their experience to their friends. The idea is that, small local restaurant can get a boost to reach more users, for "foodies" we want them to know what to expect when they go to a certain restaurant. This system is primarily designed for vendors who sell at the food markets.

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Game of Threads

QSMS is a complete events solution, applicable to both event attendees as well as event coordinators. We specialize in complete event management, making event coordination, ticket purchasing and everything event related as simple as a few touches on your smartphone. There is now no need to carry cash at events anymore, with no need to queue for the cashless cards. Cut out time-consuming payment queues. Managers of stalls and events can now view detailed demographics on stalls and events from a comprehensive dashboard.

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Four On Keys

Papertrail is an enhanced asset management system. It ensures that the day to day business operations run efficiently with minimal effort directed towards tracking the life cycle of an asset. With papertrail an organisation is able to register an asset to the system, track its usage as well as its maintenance life cycle. The system is also equipped with an added feature for calculating an asset's current depreciation value and its liquidation's value through a swift process.

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DevTracker is a development tracker that is made to augment and improve the process of developing software. It aims to bridge the gap between software engineers and project managers by creating an environment where projects and clients can be added to the system and tasks can be assigned to projects with varying complexity.Thereafter users can view the work needed to be done on projects and submit the ones they have completed. Using this user-provided information important reporting can be done, such as Key Performance Indicators and much more.

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GPS became fully operational for everyone in the mid 90s, ever since then navigating has been quite easy... but wait.. what about indoors? Malls, Universities, Company buildings, etc? That's exactly were Vinyl Maps comes in, our system allows people to easily map buildings and navigate indoors. The first release of our project will sorely focus on universities. It's very easy, just upload an image of any floor plan, set it up and that's pretty much it! Impressed? Of course you are.

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For many, the phrase "project management" brings to mind quite a few words: Necessary. Effective. Mundane. Tedious. Curo is a project management system based on the Scrum software development methodology that promotes agile project management, simplifies iterative and incremental development, and makes the mundane task of project management significantly easier and more palatable.


404 - Brain Not Found

AssisTenant is a software solution that alleviates problems regarding rental maintenance of a home. It provides support, fault & resolution logging and communication between the landlord and the tenant. Users can experience a 360° view for each room (Using Google's VR View technology) - via the app. Faults may be logged by each party, which may then be resolved - accompanied by photographical evidence. AssisTenant also provides historical information for each house, reports & analytics and a host of other features.

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Have you ever been a victim of poor academic records? Difficulty in interacting with fellow students? Feel the need to ask questions but not enough time? Flipside is a platform for young smart individuals who wish to share knowledge with fellow students. We aim to bridge the gap between. Module forums, groups and more.

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Glance is a personal finance management system developed for students to help them to manage their finance in such a away that enables them to create budget and keep track of their expenses on the fly. The system also enables students to make savings for their goals and can handle their debts, allow students to effectively compare their current spending with their old spending from previous month in order to observe and learn from those budgets with the help of well generated reports for them to be able to save elegantly and effectively.

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Ever thought of how to keep the environment clean and have someone paying you? Ever thought you want to have an electronic presence in your waste collection company? Repository is here for you and it will give you the recyclable and non recyclable waste collection plugins for your company and it will give you those services as a customer. This system bridges the gap between recycling and non recycling companies with the customers. It is the key to making recycling digital. A great platform for companies to advertise only through registering.

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