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The Automated Job Manager is a project that facilitates the business process of Maipi Electrical and Civil Construction which is a company that offers civil and electrical services. A client will be allowed to request and pay for a service through the web application. The system will assign tasks to available workers. Workers who are responsible for rendering the service will manage all their tasks through the mobile application. They will also be able to view their reports and progress.

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White Walkers

TMS (Task Management System) is a system that let's the users or company to log and incident and create a task based on that incident, assign that task to an employee and track its progress. The employee has 10 minutes to accept the task if that task is not accepted it will trigger an SLA and it will notify the team leader after the task has been accepted the employee can give a feedback on how they solved it and they submit it to the team leader for review.

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AM-SO Binary

We are Team AM-SO Binary we developed a web and mobile application to help community engagement to recruit volunteers and engage with the community. Our Final year project enables the community engagement unit to work with volunteers in changing the community, the system is easy to use and allow the organization to save money and time.

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My AI Ate My Homework

An addiction recovery application that focuses on creating new routine for addicts through a task based routine system as well as user set goals, and helps addicts create new connections with people who understand them. It also allows psychologists to track the progress of their patients and make sure they are doing well through their recovery.

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Township tuck shops do not have a delivery capacity such as businesses Debonairs. Companies like Uber Eats and Mr Delivery provide a delivery service for big businesses KFC and not small informal tuck shops. We developed a system called Kasi Eats which is a food delivery service that provides a delivery capacity for township tuck shops

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Strata Connect is a platform for connecting students looking for bursary opportunities to companies offering opportunities. The platform offers a management solution for companies allowing them an administrative view of the opportunities. Students get a centralized application portal allowing them to use a single profile to apply to potentially infinite opportunities. The portal provides for a convenient process for both businesses and users alike saving both parties time and possibly money!

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50 Shades of Code

We have developed a system that addresses an issue in the community policing forum. The community policing forum, is an initiative taken up by the members of the community where they patrol streets and assist authorities. We’ve targeted and improved on 3 specific issues from the current system: Route Management, Handling of Panics, Response Times. The system allows commanders to live track patrollers and monitor routes. For residents, there is a panic button that links them to the CPF in order to request help.

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Basic Events Network is a system aimed at businesses to improve the way events happen within their company. By providing a single platform to manage the creation, attendance and feedback on all social and training events happening in the company, BEN saves businesses both time and money while allowing their employees to build their skills in training, and develop relationships and trust at social events. No more Outlook invitations or Meetup events; BEN does it all.

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Night Owls

We designed a system that allows users to report crimes that happened at a specific location. Using these crime reports, statistics are generated by means of charts. We also provide functionality for users to keep track of the safety of their friends and family by allowing them to join a friend group. Lastly we use crime reported data to assist the user in taking the safest route to a destination

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Byte Coders

Our system is similar to that of Uber, client request specific service provider based on the problem that their facing at home. Clients give a short description of their problem together with their request. Service providers are categorized into specific household issues.When a client requests a certain provider, that provider is notified immediately and may choose to accept or decline the request based on their current situation.

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The Bloodhound Gang

We have developed a booking system aimed at small Lodges and B&Bs. Our system is cost effective, easy to set-up and use and provides great functionality. The functionality of our system is as follows: Booking Checking In/Out, View Bookings, Edit User Details, Add and Edit Room Types, Add Rooms, Make Rooms Unavailable, Cancel Bookings, and Reports

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Kick n Bhoboza

Siza is a community engagement system that enables a person in distress to report an incident and receive help from nearby community members from just a click of a button and it also provides management for patrol services and communities by enabling the patrol leader to create patrol rosters and meetings for the community and patrol services.

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Our system targets organizations with a logistic department that is in dire need of a system that keeps track of its customers, the orders they place and how to deliver the orders. The system enables management to schedule deliveries for orders, assign deliveries and a driver to that trip to allow for the deliveries to be transported. The user also has the option of letting the system automatically schedule trips for all existing deliveries and automatically assign driver to each trip.

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Our Project is an Inventory Control System composed of a website and a mobile application that helps facilitates the management of the products in a warehouse. This is done through a series of tasks assigned by the Manager through the website to employees who can instantly check, store, dispatch, and edit product information via QR code scanning, they can report damages as well as notify the manager about any query. The manager view overall reports and also keeps track of any transaction made in the system

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The Gym Kontrol (GK) web application is an operational management system for a gym(s) used by the manager and works hand in hand with the GK mobile application that is used by the staff members of the gym(s). The GK system is created ideally to ease management operations for the gym manager at the University of Johannesburg as he has the daunting task of overlooking and managing four gyms in four different designated locations (UJ Campuses).

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Application League

Apollo Inspection, is a solution to the current paper trailed food quality inspection. People eat each and every day, making the food industry on of the biggest sector in the country. So we've added a bit of sauce to the current inspection current inspection process, by replacing the paper form with a digital form (Android device), which can be tracked and managed through a Client-Manger-Portal.

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Our sponsor is an appliance repairer and he has a hard time keeping track of his customers and the appliances he is repairing, since he writes all his information in a book, which is time consuming and the book could get lost and he’ll lose all his information. We have developed an online appliance repair system to help our sponsor keep track of his customers’ appliance information efficiently. The system also helps customers to keep track of their appliance repair progress status.

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Currently pet rescue organisations are flooded with dogs that are in dire need of adoption, as a result the organisations suffer sometimes extreme resource shortfalls. This is an innovative solution aimed at ensuring dogs find loving forever homes by bringing convenience and efficiency to the current paper-based adoption process that these organisations follow.

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Lifesavr is an emergency service that grants user access to emergency services by bettering response times while performing resource allocation. Lifesavr does so by transferring an emergency directly from the civilian straight through to the respondent therefore no time wasted with call center and dispatch services.
The business management side of Lifesavr will be able to allocate respondents and vehicles to certain areas as well as reallocate them based on decisions made from graphs generated.

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We as team Impendulo developed a barbershop booking and management system. Our system consist of a web and mobile application. It allows for customers to book for a haircut beforehand to avoid long waiting hours in the shop. The customer is also able to choose their preferred barber and hairstyle while making the booking.

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Bit Rebels

Our team’s mission is to help banks provide customers with satisfactory branch visits experience by keeping the bank’s branches and services a few clicks away from their clients, by the integration of manual systems and online system, Bit Rebels aim to provide a real-time experience to the users which allows them to gain more insight and access to their banks without triggering emotions of frustration about their visit at the bank. We are fascinated about the idea of having a bank in our hands.

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Lorem Ipsum

Core grading integrates 3 processes: Job grading: this assesses certain occupational factors to quantify the worth of said occupation to a company. Employee evaluations: this calculates employee properties to quantify the employee's occupational fit. Development: the system uses the evaluations results and individual aspects to plot development goals for the employees. Business intelligence is gathered for management to improve their company structure and performance by using reporting components

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