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Our Amazing Team

Meet The Team Behind The Automated Job Manager For Maipi Electrical & Civil Engineering

Reamogetse Mokgadi

Group Leader

Karabo Maleka

Lead Website Developer

Evelyn Maranela

Lead Mobile App Developer

Reamogetse Mokgadi

Reamogetse looked over the project and the team, making sure all use cases were implemented. He made sure all the meetings were attend there was clear communication with the mentor when the team could not made. Reamogetse facilitated communication amongst the team and with the team mentor.

Karabo Maleka

Karabo implemented the website and database. He also implemented most of the website pages and added functionality to them. He made sure there was a connection between the clien side and the database through a WCF web service which is also consumed by the mobile app. He is also responsible for maintaining the website.

Evelyn Maranela

Evelyn developed the mobile app, making sure all the use cases necessary for the app are well implemented. Shemaintained mobile app. SHe made sure to consume the API in such a way that changes to the database are done in real time and the are no delays in data transfers. She also did the website and app deployment.


About Automated Job Manager.

  • AJM

    What is AJM

    AJM/ Automated Job Manager is a digital system designed for Maipi Electrical & Civil Engineering to digitze the core of the business and acheive high productivity efficiently. The need for the systems was realized when the team noticed a lot of operational errors because the company had a paper based system, which led to many human errors

  • How does AJM work?

    All clients are required to create accounts before they can request a service. Once that has beendone, they can request a service. Their request will be automatically be allocated to an employee best suited for their request who will then visit the client's home to assess the situation and set a fee for the service. once the service has been rendered the client will have to pay the service fee. Both parties can comment and rate each other.

  • Technologies used on the project

    Browsers were used to launch the websites. Converting computer language into readable English. HTML & CSS were used to write the website. An API (application programming interface) allows other developers to use some of the app’s functionality without sharing the code. We used one to interface between the database, the website and the mobile application. Azure was used to host the database allowing for the website and the mobile app to transfer data between each other in real time