Logistics Optimiser

Logistics Optimiser is a system built for the optimisation of routing of a world renowned company called Plastic Bubbles

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Left To Right: Tinashe Makamure, Ashwin vd Merwe, Pelumi Olaniyi, Phillip Ndlovu

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Phillip Ndlovu
Developer(Team Leader)
Tinashe Makamure
Ashwin vd Merwe
Pelumi Olaniyi

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Faster Delivery

Planning of an optimised route helps get to customers faster

More Punctual

Live tracking and checking deviation distance allows more punctual arrival

At your preferred location

The accuracy of the navigation system allows for accurate arrival at customers


Cost Saving

All factors of the system in turn lead to the cutting of costs

About The System

Problem statement: “Route optimisation in terms of deliveries has been burdensome due to unorganised data and the unavailability of a system to aid route planning and delivery selection. This affects business productivity which causes customer dissatisfaction and leads to a decline in profitability.”

Based on the above problem statement a Logistics Optimiser system was built to solve the problem. The purpose of the system is to optimise the whole delivery process as a whole, this was achieved by making use of navigation, automation of selection of customer orders into deliveries, live tracking of drivers location, calculation of deviation distance, placement of nearby deliveries into the same trip. Determination of the best driver for trips in a certain area are also a function of the system. All in all the main purpose of the system is to cut down unnecessary costs, get deliveries out faster and to increase customer satisfaction.

The system has two sides, namely the web application and mobile application. The Web application is used by management, whilst the mobile application is used by the drivers.

Mobile Application

Technologies Used To Build The System

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