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Informatics 3. Final Year Project. Group 13: Panic Button. Mentor: Mr. BR Greaves

Trust Mpofu

Web + Mobile Developer

Vernisha Dhanjee

Web Developer

Ngomseu Herve Fotsing

Web + Mobile Developer

Sean Nelwamondo

Web Developer

About Us

Welcome to our page.

Together we are a team dedicated to delivering excellence, through our hardwork and sacrifice. We are a group that together has managed to deliver a mobile application, as well as a web application.

There are several skill sets that are have been needed to make our project a success, namely:

  1. Mobile and Web developer User Interface Design
  2. Backend Computing and debugging by searching
  3. Communication skills, Working as a team and effective time Management

What we have created?

Inventory Control System.
Our project has been broken down into 2 sections, namely:

  • Mobile App
  • Website

The Technologies used to build the system on our 2 platforms include;
  • Asp.net/c#: Website developement
  • WCF Service/c# Web API development
  • Java/PHP-scripting: Android App development
  • MySQL database on Apache Server

With most stock management systems, our system deals with the day-to-day work that takes place within the warehouse. That is handling incoming stock, entering it into the system, packing it to its' respective place and simulataneously dealing with the dispatch of other goods. Our system helps make employees aware of what certain products look like as well as helping admin and other respective users of the system to be made aware of when certain products need to be purchased. This system also allows employees to report damages of products at any point from the arrival till the dispatch of the product. Our system makes use of a mobile app that allows for employees on the ground within the Warehouse to be instantly notified of when they have a new task that requires attention. This app allows the employees to perform management activities on products, as well reporting damages and dispatch. The Website side of this project allows any managers to monitor activity in the form of reports, as well as the ability to manage the employees of the system.

About Team Members

Our Client

A brief description entailing details of our Company Sponsor.

Wilec is Africa's largest manufacturer and supplier of input materials, electric enamel wire and technical solutions to the electric rotating machine, transformer and general industries.
Wilec serves a diverse range of industries with over 6000 products stocked in 5 major Distribution Centres nationally.