Let us save a furry friend ,together

The power to save lives is now in your hands.

Helping non-profit organisations and all pet lovers make a difference, all the time from your pocket.

Four Paws changes lives.

Four paws was created to make sure that you can easily find your perfect pet, and they can find a Four-ever home.Because we know that life is a priceless gift.

Bringing you convenience,saving you time

An innovative solution that brings convenience and efficiency to adopting dogs, for both rescue shelters and parents.


What is Four Paws

A platform created for rescue organisations/shelters and pet parents, allowing for both an online adoption process and users to find a pet that may be lost.
Why choose Four Paws?

Why choose us?Because we are saving lives and we are giving those who cant speak a chance to be happy.

The more dogs we can get adopted from rescue shelters the more dogs they can save. Every life is precious to us.

Dogs are mans best friend, maybe its time we became dogs best friend?

Why choose Us?

Our Mission.To save dogs, as many of them as possible and as quickly as possible.Its that simple.

To get as many pets adopted in as little time as possible, in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

To limit the amount of homeless dogs in South Africa

Why choose Us?

Our Solution To facilitate the adoption process and make it more convenient for organisations and prospective pet parents.

We facilitate the backwards paper based adoption process used by rescue shelters, thus making adoptions faster and more effective.We also helps users locate lost pets faster by allowing lost dogs to be reported and attended to.

what does Four Paws actually do?

Feature set includes:
Find the perfect partner now

A new online adoption process.

Four paws has all the functionality needed for both rescue organisations and prospective pet parents to experience a more convenient,easier adoption process.This is including required functionality for pets/employees and users.


We will find em

Find your lost friend.

Four paws has functionality in place that will allow you to see if other users have reported your furry friend ,and Four paws will help you get him/her home safely.

We are speed

Quicker faster and more efficient.

Four paws knows that the quicker rescue organisations can get things done the more puppies we save, and thats why it was designed with convenience and speed as a main focus.

Four Paws technology ?

Four Paws was built using three major components: the website, the web service and the mobile app.
ASP.NET based website
XAMARIN based app
.Net Core based service

The minds behind Four Paws :

Developed by IMPERIUM

A vibrant, energetic and fun group of third year IT students who were once a team founded solely to do the third year project . Today they are friends who have shared nerve wrecking moments, frustration filled late nights , and the joy of seeing thier goals and this project come to realisation.

Mentored by Mr Blauw

Jarred orfao

Jarred Orfao

Mobile Developer
"3rd year was a real time crunch. Team work is essential for more than just the project. Sacrifices are continuously made throughout the year. Mobile development was at first exciting but that changed when bugs in the actual platform began to surface. Overall it is an experience I will never forget and forever cherish because of the amount of knowledge I gained throughout the year. My advice for the upcoming student would be choose a team that has the skills to balance out and complete the workload or choose a team that makes learning new skills enjoyable"-Jarred
Jean Boguo

Jean Boguo

Support / Back-end developer
"Third year is the perfect example of the saying "life is a box of chocolates cause you never know what you're going to get". For some moments it's smooth sailings then for some moments its like being thrown into a stormy sea on Jupiter. But regardless one thing to remember is that regardless of what the process feels like, you will get to the end and look back and say to yourself: "why did I stress so much". I guess what I'm trying to say is that chocolate is chocolate at the end of the day. Also if you want the number one head band come talk to me!"-Jean
Justin McGowin

Justin McGowin

Web Front End Developer
"I couldnt ask for a better team to be with when it came to my 3rd year. The support and dedication was unbelievable and it taught me what hard work looks like. When I grow up I want to be like them. Third year was intense with deadlines that I thought where easily managible. What I learnt was team management is essential as well as communication amongst your peers, however I enjoyed every minute of it, even the late nights and the struggles in the morning. I learnt a bucket load more about web services and the detail needed in creating them. I also saw the value in team meetings. The more the better."-Justin
Sanveer Singh

Sanveer Singh

Team Leader
"During this project I was responsible for leading, and organising a team which posed many challenges. This experience has allowed me to make some awesome friends (whom I absolutely admire), learn important skills like co-ordination and persistence. I had a team that supported me throughout the process.I learned just how much work is involved in creating a system and trying to get it to a reasonable level of quality.I had a ton of fun under our mentor who managed to teach us how a tiny speck of his knowledeg. I hope you enjoy our demonstration on projects day. See you there."-Sanveer

"When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul."― Anthony Douglas Williams


What makes Four paws so good ?

We added some really cool features that make it worth while.

Having the list of pets that can be adopted sbe ordered by a specific attribute will help you find your ideal pet faster(Accross multiple organisations and areas).

Basic auto generated twitter posts help organisations give pets added exposure in the most time effective way.

Dynamic filterable reports will help organisations and users make better informed decsisions