welcome to lifesavr

Lifesavr is a system that provides users the fastest access possible to emergency services in their area. We understand that every second counts whenever life is threathened and we therefore want to make it count .life savr saving time saving lives.

Saving time saves lives!

We understand every energency is urgent and could at most be life defining , this is why we aim at cutting providing services that will cut through every second of your emergency

But How ?!

At Your Service

Stable and accurate technologies

Using the GPS and live location our response teams will find you in a heart

Our system stay upto date

All dependencies are always refreshing for more accuracy.

World speed standard

A world class standard user friendly system

We genuinely care

Our team understands that every second and live count and we will prioritise you.

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Meet the team

Team27 - FlashLights

Irwin Rudd

Mobile App Backend Developer

Gave Lifesavr the ability to send notifications and use a device's location to perform tasks.

Njabulo Kubeka


Gave Lifesavr the ability for civilians to view a wider view of their profile and review our service.

Tshepo Monare

Mobile App Frontend Developer

Gave Lifesavr the ability for civilians to interact with a beautiful interface and experience.

Randfort Malele


Gave Lifesavr the ability for decisions to be made from reports generated.

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