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White Walkers Management System
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White Walkers consists of a young innovative group of four passionate individuals, studying BSc Computer Science & Informatics at the University of Johannesburg. We are passionate about the latest technology and strive to make life more enjoyable by using tools that make everyday living easier.

Jacob Seoketsa

Full Stack Developer focusing on Front-end Development and Web Services

Ntando Nkomo

Full Stack Developer focusing on Back-end Development and Web Services

Lestar Mvimbi

Full Stack Developer focusing on Mobile App Development

Mthulisi Kumalo

Full Stack Developer focusing on Mobile App Development

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White Walkers Management System
The Management System Explained

Our system is targeted to improve Altech Card Solutions production time and handling of calls. An employee essentially logs an incident and is able to keep track of the day-to-day operations. An employee logs an incident about a certain issue they face, and that incident is turned into a task which is created by a team leader of the specific division. The team leader then assigns the task to an employee. The employee must accept the task within specified time. After the employee looks at what the issue raised is and he or she succesfully completes the task, they are able to write a feedback on how they solved the task. The task is sent to a team leader who delegated the task to verify whether the incident was solved properly and if it was solved then the team leader is able to close the incident. Should the task not be completed according to specified standards, the team leader has an option to re-assign the task to another employee. Technology we used are .Net Framework, Restful,Javascript, Android Studio