Features Integrated on web

This are some of the solutions that optimizes usability of the site.

Ability to choose a convenient time to get a service.

Ability to comment on a service you have recieved from the barbershop.

Ability for a cutsomer to make their profile nice by uploading a picture of themselves

Information About The Project

Problem Background

Our sponsor which is the Legends Barbershop are the biggest in barbershop industry and are continuing to grow, so with that at hand, all bookings are paper based causing a lot of delay, appointments can only done at store, no cohesion between multiple branches and customers can not choose a barber they want before hand.

Solutions Brought Forward

As a team we have successfully managed to solve the sponsors problems by developing a booking system that allow s custommers to book at the comfort of their homes. The systems now allows customers to choose a barber they prefer. It enables managers to keep track of employees in each branch and managers can access any branch's information with ease.

System Functionalities

System allow manager to compare and see which branch makes more profit, also shows the most performing barbers and that is a result of reporting. System shows times where a branch is least busy and most busy. Barbers can view their schedule using the Mobile app. System sends out sms to customers after making a booking.

Technologies Used

For the development of our Mobile App we used Android Studio which is the an integrated development environment(IDE) for developing applications exclusively for android platform. We used an Event calender library to integrate our system for processing bookings. We used Chart.js to show our graphs and this is a javaScript library that allows you to draw different types of charts. We used Retrofit to connect our website and Mobile through Rest web services. Retrofit is a type-safe HTTP client for android and java.