Current systems experience challenges unifying Job Grading, Employee Evaluations, and Skill Development systems into one solution. Most organizations still use pen and paper to accomplish this. Our solution aims to take a step away from pen and paper and make a coherent solution.

The Three Cores

  • Job Grading

    Assesses certain occupational factors to quantify the worth of said occupation to a company.

  • Employee Evaluations

    Calculates employee properties to quantify the employee's occupational fit.

  • Development Plotting

    The system uses evaluation results and individual aspects to plot a fit of an employee within an occupation.

Job Grading

Assesses certain factors of an occupation such as occupational category, decision making, accountability, autonomy, problem-solving skillset, technical skills required, occupational level, working conditions, and influence. To quantify the worth of a given occupation for a company or organization.

  • Create occupations and committees
  • Grade occupations with Paterson
  • Gather business inteligence and history of gradings

Employee Evaluations

Employee evaluations, which determine distinct properties of an individual using a set of customizable evaluations depending on the organizational needs. This is to calculate how well the employees fit into their current positions based on the results received from these evaluations.

  • Keep track of employees
  • Create custom evaluations
  • Gather employee data
  • Retrieve resluts and view characteristics

Development Plotting

The results from the evaluations as well as key aspects such as the employee's qualifications, current salary, and benefits are used to plot multiple development goals for the individual to improve their performance and/or fit in their current position. This can potentially also be used to relocate the employee to better suit the organization.

  • Job Grading
  • Employee Evaluations
  • Development


The members that made this system into a reality (flip them! but just don't flip them off ...)

We are not the most photogenic bunch, we in IT, not modeling?

André Laubscher

Description: Can be a huge pain at times, but shouting works in the end?

Developments: Database, Service (API) and Web-Application

Leander Jacobs

Description: Front end development looks amazing, back-end less so...

Developments: Database and Web-Application

Bhavya Patel

Description: Takes forever to get things done, but it gets done, right?

Developments: Mobile

Rudolph Booysen

Team Leader

Description: Information hub. If you don't know how to do something, ask Rudie! Google helps too...

Developments: Database and Web-Application

Get Started

Core Grading is a system, utilizing Microsoft SQL Server 2017 for database storage.
IIS web server hosting.
C# MVC web service that utilizes the Entity framework for data modeling and CRUD activities.
The web application is based on ASP.NET and utilized the MVC pattern
The mobile-application is a Java Android-Application.

View a screencast for the utilization of our system below.