This core utilizes the results from the evaluations as well as key aspects such as the employee's qualifications, current salary, and benefits to plot multiple development goals for the individual to improve their performance and/or fit of their current position. This can potentially also be used to relocate the employee to better suit the organization. After the integration of these three core processes has occurred, the system gathers business intelligence for higher management to improve their organizational structure and to improve the performance of departments and individuals by utilizing reporting components and the development goals that have been set.

The data of an employee and his/her occupation in the organization are matched. A report is generated which assists senior management to create an understanding of an employee in his occupation. The Development Core has additional features, which also compensates for discrepancies, i.e. an employee would have experience within his occupation for several years which is why his salary would be higher than the industry value of an employee within his/her occupation.

Once a result has been calculated by the system, the system then allows for minor changes in the value from human input. This is required as there is also a human component that is required to evaluate employees in such a manner.