Job grading, which assesses certain factors of an occupation such as occupational category, decision making, accountability, autonomy, problem-solving skillset, technical skills required, occupational level, working conditions, and influence. To quantify the worth of a given occupation to a company or organization. We follow the strict guidelines of the Paterson methodology to accurately measure occupational worth within an organization. Paterson Job Grading is a methodology used by many countries including the likes of the United Kingdom and South Africa that recognizes this decision-making difference in the titles commonly used in industries. The methodology is made up of various questions categorized by various attributes that assist in completing the job grading System in the unified system, Core Grading.

The job grading process is a lengthy process that can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours. A committee will usually get together in a room and will debate and vote on the questions provided to get an accurate estimation of the occupational worth.

Below is a table that categorizes different occupational levels. At the bottom are your unskilled workers and at the top, we get policymakers. The questions provided within Core Grading has to be answered to get a calculation of the occupational worth.

Paterson Bands

Band Sub Grades Type
F 1-5 Policy making Top Management
E 1-5 Programming Senior Management
D 1-5 Interpretative Middle Management
C 1-5 Routine Skilled
B 1-5 Automatic Semi-Skilled
A 1-3 Defined Unskilled