Community Engagement- Team 29

Coummunity Engagement Team 29

About The Project

We have been presented a problem by the community engagement team, which is based on volunteering. The biggest issue that the Community Engagement facing is the process from recruitment to the completion of the project. The project leader needs to print out approximately 400 papers every day to recruit new volunteers, the volunteers need to come to campus to enroll for a project then go to the project site, then come back to campus to sign out for the project then go back home. That is time consuming and costly. Our system works in such a way that the student can be recruited to become a volunteer using the website by the specialist or the project leader, the volunteers can view upcoming sessions, check their availability and skills gained by choosing that particular project and enroll for the project using the Mobile Application, then when they get to the designated project site they get a uniquely generated code that proves that they are on the project site. Once the project is done, the volunteer needs to complete a survey, designed to improve the volunteering experience and influence more hands to contribute to shaping the betterment of the community that it serves. The surveys are then used to generate the reports that are sent to the specialist. On the Website, the role of the specialist on the system is to calculate the number of hours that are done by the volunteer. The volunteer can then see the hours remaining. The specialist can also add a project then send the notifications to alert the volunteers about the number of volunteers required, the project start and finish date, the project description and the skills gained from that project. The specialist can view the reporting from the organization to improve the services provided.

Understanding the Project Functionality

Technologies Used

Microsoft Visual Studio
Model Views and Controllers
Android Studio
Sql Server
SQL Manager

Meet The Team

We are AM-SO Binary team 29. We are a team of three students studying towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Informatics. We are a team of critical thinkers and creatives. We are a combination of exceptional minds bringing different views and skills to the table. Although we are of different characters we all believe in the importance of hard work and doing what has to be done. We do not believe in having a star in a losing team therefore we are a team who believes in being team players and lifting or helping each other out where ever help is needed.

Team Player

Nompumelelo Zitha

Coordinator & Planner

My strengths as a team member is that I'm a team player, I try my best to do something given that I know how to do it, if I don't I communicate that with my group members. I believe I am adaptable, I am able to accommodate each personality for the sake of the progress of the team ... I am flexible, when I'm needed to attend meetings, I show up.. I am genuinely committed to the success of the team, I am always there to respect and support others in a way that I am ready to help the best way I know how. In the team project , my role was coordination and planning from the drafting of the documentation to the participation on the website and did my best to implement what was required of me , as coding was not my strong point , I did not just say I dont know, I tried my best to achieve what was required of me, even if at times I had errors, I still put effort to try achieve what was required.

Project Leader

Oratile Seleka

Android and Web Developer

I am a fast learner who strives to solve any problem presented to me, no matter how big or small. I enjoy learning about and exploring the use of different technologies when solving a problem at hand. I am a perfectionist which I see both as a bad and good trait one can have. It is bad because I take too much time perfecting things, time that could have been used on other aspects of the project or solution, it is also good because that means at the end I always produce quality. Although I have worked on different parts of the overall project I mostly enjoyed working on the client side website as well as the web API.


Aubrey Mfingwane

Front-end Developer

I am a very inquisitive person, when I am working on a project I am always open to new ideas and I am not afraid to ask. Whenever there is a problem that arise in the project or a bug I investigate till I get the solution I am also a team player, I believe that communication and collaboration is important and I listen to my team members whether they are sharing ideas or concerns I follow on all promises, my objective is to take responsibility and show appreciation in the team.