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Strata Connect is a platform that connects students with companies. Companies can provide different types of opportunities that students can then apply for using a single profile. Companies are also able to see what opportunities their competitors are providing for students as well as the requirements for them.


Our Services


We provide a platform for students who are searching for different types of opportunities of bursaries. These opportunities are relevant to the industry in their field of study. Students can view all available opportunities but only apply for the ones they qualify for using a single profile.


We provide a platform for companies to display the different opportunities they offer to students. Companies are able to create bursaries. Companies also have the choice of providing vacation work thus enabeling them to manage the students on the system.

About the Project

About the Project

We as Strata Connect have created an online platfrom where students can edit their profile and apply for various opportunities that companies have created. Depending on wheather students qualify for specific opportunities they are allowed to apply. From our case study Altron we have identified a few problems, namely:

The supposed solution:

We have to built a system that is available to companies and students. This system allows students a more comprehensive view of opportunities available and enables companies to streamline their applications processes. This system automates the applications processes, thus giving employees that handle the bursary applications process more time to perform other tasks. Our system enables an easier way for generating reports that will help companies make detailed decisions.

How it works

How It Works

Contact Us

Get in contact with us so we can give you a guide of the system.

  • Initiate communication with us to gain access to the system
  • Allow us to guide you through the process of installation
  • Assign an employee from the company to thus task

Get Started as the Company

Once you have installed all the necessary parts you can now begin:

  • Create different Opportunities
  • Make them visible to students
  • Accept or decline students due to their qualification

Get Started as a Student

Make your way to the application store.

  • Download the mobile application
  • Create a profile and upload all necessary documentation
  • View and apply for any opportunity you want to


Our Team

We are the Stratagem team of four final year students from the University of Johannesburg. We are currently studying BSc Computer Science and Informatics


Shaun Dlamini

Team Lead | Full Stack Dev

I am a BSc Computer Science and Informatics Major minoring in Pure Mathematics. My interests include Graph Theory, Group Theory and Information Security


Phumelelele Kubheka

UX Speacialist | Web Dev

I am a BSc Computer Science and Informatics Major minoring in Pure Mathematics. My interest is in Data Science, property, food and tennis.


Karabo Modise

Glue | Android Dev

I am a BSc Computer Science and Informatics Major. My interests include tennis and food.


Lebohang Mogathi

Document Manager | Android Dev

I am a BSc Computer Science and Informatics Major. My interests are in soccer and horror movies.