Basic Events Network

From corporate training to team lunches, the majority of us have participated in company events. Basic Events Network (we call it BEN) allows companies to streamline the way education and social events happen within their organisation by using BEN as an organisational and analytical tool.

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What Our System Does

We'll try use as few buzzwords as possible to walk you through why BEN exists.

Organisation and Management

No more Outlook and Google calendar. BEN is a one-stop-shop for employees to manage their attendance, creation and reviews of events.

Employee Collaboration

By making events more accessible, BEN aims to encourage attendance of social and training events by employees, which promotes skills development and trust within the company.

Training Audits

BEN puts power back in the hands of the employer by providing automated BEE and SETA compliance. This saves time and money which benefits employees and the company alike.

Running an event that you want non-employees to come to? Sorted.

BEN has built-in functionality to make the process of inviting external attendees and tracking their attendance effortless. Simply share a link inviting someone who needs to come. They fill in a quick form and do their attendance at the time of the event. You get your analytics wrapped and packaged.

Following industry trends

Serverless backends and NoSQL

We made use of Firebase and Angular to maximise scalability and adaptibility.

The key features that make BEN the best choice to manage company events.

Hover over these blocks to see some features we are particularly proud of.

Simple and effective

Less fuss and frills

BEN is a productivity tool, so it has no unnecessary functionality. Only the things you need to get your job done.

Automated attendance registers

Choose between a code on web or geolocation on mobile.

No more signing paper-based registers when you go to an event. Log into BEN and mark your attendance while you're at an event with ease.

BEE and SETA compliance

Download reports as PDF or Excel

Effective mechanisms to minimise on the amount of time spent ensuring compliance with major training authroities.

About The Team

Building BEN has taught the team a lot. These are the faces behind the system.