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Meet the team who made it all happen

Several individuals took majority of their time in the year of 2019 to make this amazing Crime Watch application come to life.
This team effort was divided into two parts (Web Application & Mobile Application).

Azwi Magoda

Azwi Magoda

Full Stack Developer

My main focus in this project was on the Web Application. I also contributed to the development of the Web API and the logic of the database. Able to lead a team and get work done. Logical, Ambitious and hard working.

[email protected]
081 314 7181

Thato Moloi

Thato Moloi

Full Stack Developer

My main focus on this project was the Mobile Application and the API as well as heavily contributed to the logic of the database. Able to gather Requirements and develop effective solutions. Experience in OOP. Hard-working, detail oriented and able to multitask.

[email protected]
065 800 6633

Phumlani Langa

Full Stack Developer

An energetic, simple and well spoken person. Assisted in the conceptualisation of the mobile application. But got exposed to the entirety of the system.

[email protected]
076 405 1412

Leon Ndaba

Full Stack Developer

Junior level in OOP and Networking programs. Interested and Passionate in Network Security Defense Projects.

[email protected]
064 850 8581

What happens when someone is a victim of a "SMALL" crime?
Who gets to hear of those?

Sometimes you feel like some crimes are not worth going to the police for. Maybe you're embarrased to go and report it or maybe you just feel like its a long process for little gain.
People should still be able to hear of what happens in their community, no matter how big or small.

Where can One get crime statistics for a specific location?

It can be a difficult process getting crime statistics for a specific location. What if you want to see statistics for a specific crime type?
Or maybe you want to see historical statistics of an area, see how the crime levels have changed over the years. How can you get access to all of that in one place?


Crime Watch allows you to help your community members be aware of the crimes happening around them by allowing you to report crimes and attach images or a description to help make your community safer


Looking for useful crime statistics for a specific area but can't find it? Crime Watch allows you to find stats for any area/address all in one application. Statistics for a day, month or even historical data can be found all in one place.


Get to ensure the safety of your family and friends by rkeeping track of their location, receiving updates when they're in unsafe areas so you can check on them and receive notifications when they've reported a crime on the application.


Make sure you're safe too by getting the route with the least harmful reported crimes by using our directions feature. Avoid being a part of the statistics.

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